Why Partner With Merchant Services ?

Introducing The Merchant Cash Discount Program

Merchant Services has launched it’s exclusive Cash Discount Program that will allow a business owner to eliminate up to 95% of their credit card processing​ fees. This program is a way for any merchant to offset most of their merchant processing fees without increasing their prices. It’s a method of implementing a SVC fee to all customers that pay with cards, while giving a discount to those that pay with cash.

This is not a surcharge program and is legal in all 50 states. In addition to eliminating your merchants processing fees, you the agent share in the increased profit margin between the SVC fees collected and the interchange costs. Often times adding up to 2% or more of profit per month.

Approved in all 50 states

Hassle-free payment processing. Fast to set up with durable plug-and-play equipment

Free EMV and NFC equipment available

No-obligation 60-day trial available

Wireless terminals available for mobile payments. No pin pad required.

New POS System in Q1 of 2018

Available for all credit card types using an EMV chip card reader

Upfront bonuses paid daily on all installed accounts

We Give 1-3 Pre-Qualified Appointments Daily

Increase Your Residuals

As a sales partner with Merchant Services, you can provide merchants with two processing platforms and an array of free equipment options. As the gold standard in the merchant processing industry, we have the ability to modify and adjust to the needs of any business. We focus on building long-term relationships with you based on dependability, trust and principles. Our hard-working staff provides you with a chance to grow and maintain a book of business that will last you for years to come.

Upfront Bonuses

Processing Options – Cash Discount Program and Traditional Processing Options

Huge Residuals - (Cash Discount Program) our partners see better margins on average

Online Agent Portal - Track your customers, commissions and residuals

Expert Support - Dedicated Manager and sales support department to maximize your success

Equipment Options – Can be placed, sold or lease to your merchant

Same-Day Applications Approvals - Your Accounts are up and running FAST!

No setup-fees or hidden costs. Merchant Services pricing and fees are fully transparent

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